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When is owning a boat the best option?

by boat-admin
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 It is a no secret that I am a passionate advocate for boat clubs as an alternative to owning a boat.

As owner of the Freedom Boat Club Jacksonville, I am eager to point out all the advantages of membership. There are many people who benefit from the affordable, hassle-free nature of boat clubs. But not everyone.

In some circumstances, owning a boat is the better option.

If you are considering to either buy a boat or join  a boat club – which are both good, viable options — here are my guidelines.

You should buy a boat if you:

  • Like to go out more than 25 miles offshore
  • Want to regularly fish in tournaments
  • Enjoy tinkering with your boat
  • Like to have a boat when camping or traveling
  • Don’t like to plan ahead at all, and enjoy going out on the spur of the moment
  • Like to go boating at night
  • Want to keep all your stuff in the exact same place on a boat
  • Prefer to use one kind of boat (deck, pontoon, fishing, etc.)
  • Enjoy exploring smaller bodies of water and out-of-the-way lakes and rivers, that are not covered by a club area.

If you want to learn more about buying a boat, check out the video below.

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