The Railroad Blog

Picture it. A perfect day on the water. Clear skies. Warm sunshine. A slight breeze. And only a few other boaters out to share the sparkling waterways. Aside from a mechanical breakdown or an empty gas tank, what could possibly impede such a glorious day? Here is one potential unpredictable buzz killer: A closed bridge. Few unpredictable facets of

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Beaching Your Boat

Here’s how to make sure your boat outing  on the beach ends when you want it to end In last week’s blog, I wrote about the importance of always being aware of tides and currents to avoid beiOKng stuck aground. I love bringing my boat to the beach and staying for an extended time, but I don’t want to be

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The Knot Blog

There are some important skills that every boat owner should possess. Knowing which knot to use, and how to properly tie it, can be vitally important in tight situations, or in non-conventional docking circumstances. Ropes, tie-offs, cleats, tie-piling and towing all require specific knowledge about knots. Here is my list of the top 5 knots to master: 1. Bowline.

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How did that happen? Embarrassing miscues on a boat: Part I I take great pride in my extensive experience as a boater and the various skills I have mastered along the way. But you should never get too confident or take anything for granted. Even the most experienced boater can make a rookie mistake. I know. I wish that

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