Items in your Boat Bag

Being prepared: My must-have items for boating Whenever I prepare for a boat outing my friend, Aaron, will ask, “What are you expecting an apocalypse?” He likes to poke fun about all the stuff I bring. I always remind him that as a woman boater, I want to be prepared for any and all circumstances. Of course, there is

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The Lightning Blog

Fair warning: Lightning and boating do not mix! love boating so much that it is not unusual for me to go out on windy and rainy days. I figure that even if the weather isn’t perfect, it’s better to be out on a boat than on dry land. Rain is one thing. Lightning is something entirely else. It is the difference

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Boating at Night

I get a lot of questions from members of Freedom Boat Club about taking a boat out after dark. As part of club membership, boating hours are limited to sunup to sundown. But a member can take a boat out at night if they have a captain, which is a good idea for several reasons. Most people don’t understand

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Boat Rental, Boat Clubs or Boat Ownership?

It starts with a love for boating. Then come the choices. What boating option suits your interests and lifestyle? Is it best to buy a boat (new or used), rent one, or join a boat club? It is important to know the benefits and advantages of each. Here is a brief overview: Boat clubs. This has become an increasingly popular

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