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What are the Best Boats for Watersports?

by Boatanista

Are you interested in trying out a watersport? Whether you want to whip out the waterskis, wakeboard, ZUP Board or tube, using the proper boat is the best way to maximize your experience and ensure that you have tons of fun while doing so! Here are some of the best boats for watersports:


Performance-wise, a bowrider may be your best bet. Typically, a bowrider features a V-shaped seating section in the bow (hence the name). This design maximizes inboard space, all while remaining versatile and stylish. Because of a bowriders sleek design, it tends to have better handling and therefore, offers a more lively performance. 

Deck Boat 

While a bowrider may perform slightly better, you don’t have to sacrifice any space with a deck boat. After all, this type of boat is exactly what its name implies: a boat with a lot of deck space! Depending on the model, a deck boat can hold up to 10 passengers. So, if capacity is a concern for you but you still want a little performance, then a deck boat is the way to go.

Pontoon Boat

If you aren’t already familiar with pontoon boats, they are the ultimate comfort boat. Also known as a “party barge” pontoon boats are equipped with plenty of deck space, seating arrangements and storage. Essentially, pontoons are characterized by a large flat deck that is mounted upon two metal tubes (the pontoons). This design functions in offering a family-friendly space and a stable ride. 

At the end of the day, all these boats function as great towboats for watersports—it mostly just comes down to personal preference. Of course, center consoles can be used as well, but they aren’t as ideal. Just remember, bigger wake equals bigger fun!

If you really want to experience the luxuries of a boat but don’t want the commitment of owning one, an easy alternative is joining a boat club like Freedom Boat Club. Freedom Boat Club offers an entire fleet (including all of these boat types) so you can decide for yourself which one you prefer for your favorite watersport!

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