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How did that happen? Embarrassing miscues on a boat: Part I I take great pride in my extensive experience as a boater and the various skills I have mastered along the way. But you should never get too confident or take anything for granted. Even the most experienced boater can make a rookie mistake. I know. I wish that

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Proper Channel Alignment

Failure to maintain proper channel alignment is one of the primary reasons boaters run aground. Proper channel alignment requires you to watch the upcoming channel markers lined up with the marker just passed. Imagine for a moment and think of a channel as a road. You have red and green channel markers that set the road. There is a

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Tips from the Boatanista: How to Dock like an Expert

Do you ever feel anxious about docking your boat when people are watching? I have to admit, I love it when I pull my 32-foot Monterrey up to the dock and gracefully slide into place when men are around, watching to see how I do. Like landing an airplane, setting up a proper approach to a dock takes both

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Personal Flotation Devices

When you have spent as many years on the water as I have, it is not difficult to identify an inexperienced boater. It takes time and many repetitions to master the finer points of launching a boat, anchoring, tying off, maneuvering in tight quarters, etc. We should be understanding and patient when dealing with novice boaters. But it might

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