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The Benefits of Boating During the Winter

by Boatanista

Have you been thinking about taking the boat out? Even though it’s winter now, it doesn’t mean you can’t get on the water! Boating during the winter can be a different experience from boating during the summer. In fact, you may find that you really enjoy taking the boat out during the cooler season. Here’s why you should go boating during the winter:

Open Waterways

Think about it: people don’t generally associate boating with wintertime. Consequently, there will be fewer boaters out on the water. How does this benefit you? Well, fewer people out on the water makes it easier for you to navigate and explore the waterways without the fear of others’ wake and boat traffic. Plus, you can take all the time you need to practice your docking and anchoring skills without the crowds or the heat of summer!

Picnic Opportunities

We all love the idea of a picnic, but do we love profusely sweating while trying to savor a sandwich? I know I don’t! This is why picnicking on the boat during the wintertime might just be your new favorite pastime. So, grab your family, bundle up and enjoy your picnic the best way possible: on the boat with a cool ocean breeze.

Winter Fishing 

Cold-water fishing is a fun, challenging activity to do on your boat during the winter months. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to try winter fishing tactics in a familiar area while being able to catch different types of fish! Boating and fishing season never really has to end.

Access to Different Locations 

If you’re still hesitant about taking a boat out in the cold, there are options to suit your desires. For instance, if you’re a boat owner like myself, you can trailer your boat to a warmer location like South Florida. Or, you could consider joining a boat club like Freedom Boat Club, which offers reciprocal access to its members at many different locations across the country. Therefore, you could make a little family vacation out of it and enjoy an exciting weekend out on the water. 

Convinced Yet?

Between the open waters, picnic and fishing opportunities, and the potential access to various locations, why wouldn’t you want to go boating during the winter? After all, it’s always boatin’ time somewhere!

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