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Why We Love Boating in Autumn

by boat-admin

One of the many advantages of living in Florida is that you are able to boat virtually year-round. It is not exactly an endless summer, but it is close.

For me, summer means long days of sunlight, warm water, rafting up with good friends, or gathering for the weekend on a nearby island. 

I hate to see summer draw to an end. But there is something very special about boating in September and October. It is my friend Johns, favorite times of the year to be out on the water.

For starters, with school back in session, there are far fewer boats on the water during the week, making it the perfect time to enjoy some peace and serenity. Plus, the cooler mid-day temperatures make being out on the boat all day much more comfortable for him.

I have also noticed that with school back in session, even on the weekends, there seems to be fewer boats out. I think there is a psychological switch that goes off in people’s heads that as fall approaches, that boating season is over.

Not true.

For John, this time of year offers some of the most pleasurable boating of the entire year.

So, before you begin breaking out all the Halloween decorations and buying pumpkins, I encourage you to put your bathing suit back on, call some friends, and load up the cooler.

It is a great time of year to ski, wake board, or simply take a relaxing cruise. Your friends up North might be preparing to winterize their boats. Not us. There are many good reasons people enjoy living in Florida. I can’t think of one better than this. Can you?


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