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Best Boating Destinations in Northeast Florida

by Boatanista

You’re ready for your next boat day. Where do you go? Well, fortunately, the Jacksonville and St. Augustine waterways are full of exploration-worthy destinations. Whether you want to relax at a sandbar, visit some famous local landmarks or seek out prime fishing spots, you have options! Check out some of the must-see boating destinations in Jacksonville and St. Augustine below:

Jacksonville Beach 

Ft. George Inlet 

Located where the Ft. George River opens up into the Atlantic Ocean, Ft. George Inlet is a popular local boater haven. Complete with wide beaches and sandbars, this destination makes the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy a day out on the water.

Nassau Sound State Park 

Do you prefer fishing? The Nassau Sound Fishing Bridge happens to be one of the best fishing spots in northeast Florida. You can access the mile-long fishing bridge through the entrance to Amelia Island State Park. This fishing location is known for jacks, whiting, drum and tarpon, just to name a few. 

Bird Island 

You guessed it: this island is home to many birds. Located at the south end of Amelia Island, Bird Island sits in the middle of the Nassau Sound entrance between Little Talbot Island and Amelia Island. It’s basically the perfect excuse to bring your family out on the boat for “educational” purposes!

Julington Creek 

Bayard Point

Just south of the Shands Bridge in Green Cove Springs, you can find over seven miles of walking trails and a campsite at the John P. Hall Nature Reserve. Bayard Point also happens to be the location of Boater Skip Day—only one of the coolest events of the year! This event attracts hundreds of boaters and even floating food trucks to celebrate a giant party out on the water.

Black Creek Rope Swing 

If you’re feeling a little bit daring and adventurous, then this is the place to go! The rope swing at Black Creek dangles from a tall oak tree right over the water. Popular among local boaters, this destination makes the perfect place for tons of family fun. 

Exchange Club Island 

Nestled underneath the Matthews Bridge lies 34 acres of land complete with shaded trails, picnic tables and a boat dock. Because Exchange Club Island is located in the St. John’s River right near downtown, this destination is only accessible by water. This makes it the perfect hideaway to explore on your day off. So, if you’re looking for an adventure on top of your boating adventure, go explore Exchange Club Island. 

St. Augustine 

Lael Shell Beach Sandbar

If you’re looking for a relaxing location in the St. Augustine area, then Lael Shell Beach Sandbar might be calling your name! Located just off the Matanzas River, Lael Shell Beach Sandbar is a perfect destination for boaters looking to unwind.

Matanzas Inlet 

Do you want a prime sunset-watching location? Then consider Matanzas Inlet! This inlet, where the river meets the ocean, is one of the only inlets left in northeast Florida. You can also sit back and soak up the sun before it sets on a serene beach at this destination.

Bridge of Lions

If you haven’t been to it already, the Bridge of Lions is a must-see. It was first built in the mid-1920s as a way for cars to travel from St. Augustine to Anastasia Island. Don’t worry though, it has been renovated since then! The Bridge of Lions also happens to be a drawbridge, so you can travel right through the center of it. 

If you don’t have a boat but still want to experience all the joys of being out on the water, then you may want to consider a boat club like Freedom Boat Club. Plus, Freedom Boat Club  Northeast Florida has locations near each of these destinations.

So, what’re you waiting for? Pack up your things, gather up the family and hop on the boat to  explore one (or all) of these best boating destinations in Jacksonville and St. Augustine!

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