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Beaching Your Boat

Here’s how to make sure your boat outing  on the beach ends when you want it to end In last week’s blog, I wrote about the importance of always being aware of tides and currents to avoid beiOKng stuck aground. I love bringing my boat to the beach and staying for an extended time, but I don’t want to be

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Mastering the Pivot turn

Making a pivot turn with a single engine boat is not difficult. And mastering this technique can help get you out of a tight jam. Imagine that you’ve just cruised into a marina, space it tight, and you realize it’s the wrong marina. And the bulkhead is looming straight ahead. What do you do? Time for a pivot turn.

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The Motor Blog

Do you need to replace the motor on your boat? Or thinking of buying a used boat, with an outboard motor? Look for these things……… Finding a reliable, used motor can be a smart financial decision. But before you put down your hard-earned cash, there are some important steps to take before making a costly mistake. Some tips how to

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Anchor Management

Don’t lose your cool . . . or your boat:  Anchor management!  Anchoring your boat and enjoying a day of quiet rest can be almost as fun as cruising. While it is enjoyable to simply jump off the boat and swim around it (swinging on the hook as we call it), it is also fun to anchor out and

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