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Boat-Friendly Recipes

by Boatanista

Safety kit, check; sunscreen, check; towels, check; water toys, check. What are you missing? Oh yes, food! A day out on the water can be tiring, so it’s important to bring plenty of food to keep you and your family fueled up. Deciding what to pack for your boat trip can be tricky. Let’s face it, you don’t want food that will melt easily or create a huge mess (think gooey chocolate and Cheeto-fingers). No thank you! So, here are some boat-friendly recipes that are quick, easy, and mostly mess-free:


Not only are homemade snacks better for you, they can taste pretty great too! Swap your bag of chips for a more sustainable treat like protein balls or muffins. Here are some great, quick recipes to consider: 


When it comes to a long day on the water, the last thing you want is frantically running around that morning getting meals ready—yes, this includes the last minute trip to the grocery store for some sandwiches. Here are some lunches that you can prepare the night before or quickly throw together the morning of. I’m all about ease!

Who wants to deal with a mess on the boat after feeling full? I know I don’t. That’s why I always pack extra napkins and garbage bags to avoid any messy situations. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. In addition to snacks and a fulfilling meal, be sure to stock your cooler with plenty of water and ice. It’s very important to stay hydrated and to keep your boat-friendly foods fresh. I hope this list provides you with some yummy recipes that you can add to all your future boat days!

Do you have any must-have recipes for your day out on the water?

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