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Teach Your Kids to Boat

by boat-admin

It is one of those cringe-inducing words that, upon hearing, almost always invokes a negative reaction. Discipline.

But try to stifle your gag reflex for a moment. Not all discipline is equal. In fact, there are certain disciplines that, taught to your children, are more a source of celebration than complaint.

And I can think of a one very close to home: Learning to operate a boat.

Unlike many outdoor activities that take a wear and tear on the body, boating is a sport that can be enjoyed well into the retirement years. Teaching children the fundamental skills of operating a boat is something they can use for a lifetime. I know first-hand.

From earliest childhood, my parents taught me the various disciplines of operating a boat, from launching and maneuvering in tight quarters, to anchoring and tying off at the dock. I enjoyed every moment of it. And I will be forever grateful.

If you, like me, have benefited from having experienced boaters share their love and knowledge of the sport with you, I encourage you not to keep it to yourself. For young people, particularly a millennial generation that seems to spend a significant amount of time indoors, attached to tiny electronic devices, mastering the various skills of boating can be life changing.

Do you have a memorable story about someone who taught you important boating skills? Or do you have a story about teaching boating skills to someone else? I would love to hear from you. Email at l.almeida@freedomboatclub.com

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