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For the LOVE of Your Kids

by boat-admin

Most adults enjoy encouraging children to be active and to participate in sports. But we are limited in how much we can do together.

Whether it is baseball, soccer, basketball, football, lacrosse or volleyball, we can be supportive of youth and cheer them on, but we’re not likely to ever participate alongside them.

That is one of the reasons I am so passionate about boating. It is a sport that adults and children can do together. It gives us a chance to build a lasting legacy.

There is one reason I can brag about being a lifelong boater: my father and mother were dedicated to share their love of boating with me. And this is a legacy I am eager to pass along.

I wish I had kept a list of every person I have ever taught to ski, wake board, pull a tube, dock a boat, secure an anchor, properly tie a bowline, etc.

The last three weekends I’ve had my dear friends Doug and Leslie Fike, with their children,  Chandler 8, Landon 6, and Camille 4, on my boat. Chandler and Landon both skied and both successfully got up by themselves for the first time.

I have watched Chandler‘s confidence grow. And the more we master a skill the more fun that it becomes.

It has been a thrill to watch Camille, their little sister, get so  excited watching her brothers grow in confidence and ability. We have some amazing video and pictures to share. We are creating amazing memories.

Plus their parents can take part in making all this happen as well.

And unlike most other sports, where you always have winners and losers, there are no losers when it comes to boating. Sometimes, success takes a little more time and effort. Falling down is only a small obstacle on the path to victory.

It is a matter of common sense that you cannot give something to someone that you do not have. My love for boating is a gift my parents gave to me and I am eager to share it with others. My hope is that they will continue to pass it along to the next generation.

It is a legacy worth preserving.

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