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The Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Boating

by boat-admin

1). IT’S ABOUT FREEDOM: On a boat, you determine your own course and your own pace. There are no traffic lights, one-way streets, speed restrictions (aside from no-wake zones), turn signals, rush-hour jams, accident tie-ups or lanes closed for repaving or construction.

And it is so much fun to look up and see bumper to bumper traffic on a bridge, while you are cruising along!

  2). IT’S ABOUT NATURE: The water, clear blue sky, bright sunshine, the wind and spray in your face, the wide variety of marine life and birds in the air. Being on a boat instantly transports you into a matchless setting of sensory splendor. Ever seen a Dolphin jump in the wild? It is magical! Come across a few manatee, just eating some grass, your heart will be changed.

manatee 2

3). IT’S ABOUT RELAXATION: Turn off your cellphone, leave your laptop at home and see No. 1 and No. 2.

 4). IT’S ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS: There is no better environment to spend meaningful time with family and friends. Whether is it enjoying a day of watersports, fishing, anchoring on an island for a picnic, or simply enjoying a relaxing cruise with a cold beverage. Laughing, and waving at EVERY boat that goes by, you are instantly connected by the water.

 5). IT’S ABOUT MAKING MEMORIES: Who ever forgot the first time he or she successfully got up on water skis or a wakeboard? Or how about the first time you watched your son, or daughter succeed at that? Whether it is watching the dolphins playing in the surf or watching the sun set on a cloud-streaked sky, every day on a boat is a special, unique and memorable experience.

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