How long is a Boat Club Contract?

Unlike most traditional club memberships, Freedom Boat Club does not stipulate a long-term contract or make it difficult to cancel. If a member wants to leave the club, for any reason, the process is straight forward and simple. Most Freedom Boat Club locations base their memberships on a one-year program. However, memberships automatically roll over past the one-year anniversary date unless,

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What is a Boat Club, and Who is it for?

More than just sport or recreation, boating is a lifestyle. It is an activity that can be just as fun and exciting the first time you go out in aboat as it is the 10,000th time. One of the reasons I am such a passionate advocate for Freedom Boat Club is how strongly it appeals to long-time, skilled boaters as well as novices.

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Teach Your Kids to Boat

It is one of those cringe-inducing words that, upon hearing, almost always invokes a negative reaction. Discipline. But try to stifle your gag reflex for a moment. Not all discipline is equal. In fact, there are certain disciplines that, taught to your children, are more a source of celebration than complaint. And I can think of a one very

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What Boat Brands are in the Freedom Boat Club Fleet?

Unlike some franchise operations which dictate specific products that must be included in a consumer offering, Freedom Boat Club allows its franchises to select boat brands, makes and models that best suit the regional market it serves. For that reason, there is not one exclusive list of brands mandated for inclusion at our clubs throughout North America. That being

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