The Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Boating

1). IT’S ABOUT FREEDOM: On a boat, you determine your own course and your own pace. There are no traffic lights, one-way streets, speed restrictions (aside from no-wake zones), turn signals, rush-hour jams, accident tie-ups or lanes closed for repaving or construction. And it is so much fun to look up and see bumper to bumper traffic on a

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Here is an update on some things we are doing! Big Brothers Slideshow Freedom Boat Club adds to Marketing Council Freedom Boat Club hand out Franchisee awards Freedom Boat Club names boat after Oil Spill Survivor Work Life can be good life Freedom Way Church Worship on the Water on Ft. George Inlet Freedom Boat Club Franchise in Florida

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Who says boating is a man’s domain?

Who says boating is a man’s domain?   As the only child of two passionate boaters and competitive water skiers, I was literally brought up on the water. From earliest childhood, I was given instruction in handling a boat. As a result, I am a strong advocate for encouraging women to take the helm.   My father recently found

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Getting the Boatanista Trademark

      Coffee shops have baristas and clothing designers have fashionistas . But there is only one Boatanista on the planet. And Lisa Almeida has spent a lifetime proving that she is worthy of the moniker. Apparently, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office agrees. This month, Almeida was awarded a trademark for “Boatanista.” But long before her nickname became a legal trademark, Almeida, co-owner

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