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What to Look for When Buying a Used Motor

by boat-admin

Do you need to replace the motor on your boat? Or thinking of buying a used boat, with an outboard motor?

Look for these things………

Finding a reliable, used motor can be a smart financial decision. But before you put down your hard-earned cash, there are some important steps to take before making a costly mistake.

Some tips how to properly check over a used boat motor:

1). Put the motor in neutral. Go to the prop and spin it to see if the shaft is straight. If the shaft isn’t straight, it is a sign that the motor could have hit something while in operation. if the shaft is straight, then the lower unit should be ok.

2). Next, check a cylinder head, top and bottom, to see if it’s discolored. A discolored cylinder head —  showing brown at either the top or bottom — means the engine was overheating. This is a sign that the engine was not being properly cooled, which could be a sign of a failing water pump.

3). Get a Flathead screwdriver and open up the oil case on the lower unit. If the lower unit oil is cream colored that indicates there is water in the lower unit, which means the seals are bad. If the oil is normal colored, then your seals are good.

4). When checking an outboard motor, be sure to test the compression. All you need is a compression gauge and something to remove the spark plugs. Also, be sure to inspect the spark plugs to make sure there are no small metal flakes on it. You can also take the motor to a shop and ask a mechanic to check compression.

5). Be sure to check for corrosion. Corrosion indicates that the motor was used in salt water. A good way to determine if it’s a salt water motor is look between the head. If the motor has been used in salt water, and has not been regularly flushed out,  you will and usually see a slight buildup of salt.


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