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My Top 3 Water Toys

by boat-admin

I love finding new inflatable toys and accessories to use while boating, either anchored or rafting up. There always seems to be some cool new plaything or apparatus on the market.

Whenever I am using one of my favorite items, people always want to know: Where did you get that?

So here is a short list of my current favorites accessories, and where to find them:

My No. 1: The Maui Mat.

It is the best babysitter you’re ever going to have. Kids love it, adults love it. It’s so much fun, people find it hard to resist. http://www.maui-matts.com/

No. 2: The Bum Float.

Forget using your upside-down lifejacket to stay afloat. This is the solution. With Bum Float, you can literally stand up in the water. This allows you to remain comfortably upright and float all over the place effortlessly. http://bumfloat.myshopify.com/

 No. 3: Intex Lounger

This is perfect to be in the water without being in the water. On those sunny days when the water is still cold, and you are not eager to get wet, you can still lounge on this and not have the water touch you. You can read a book, and have easy conversations with others. Attach a line to the handle, and stay connected to the boat, and you don’t have to worry about current taking you away. 


Do you have a favorite boating toy or special accessory? Let me know.

 It might be something worth sharing in a future blog!

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