About Me

Meet Lisa Almeida, the Boatanista

Boating is not just something I do. It is a part of who I am, the core of my being.

It is in my DNA.

Of course, even as a lifelong Floridian, it is not essential that I always be out on the water. Sometimes I prefer to be in it.

My parents were competitive water skiers and performed at Cypress Gardens. My mom even set a record in trick skiing in 1962. When I was born, some accommodations had to be made, but remaining on dry land for extended periods of time was not a consideration. So, my parents gently placed their newborn into a baby carrier and securely strapped it down in the bow of the boat. My mom said when the engine started, I would go to sleep. When it stopped, I would wake up. She would feed me, crank up the engine again, and I went back to slumber-land while mom and dad went back to work in the wake. I bought my first boat when I was 24 and I have been a Boat US member ever since, that was in 1982.

My deepest joy has always been to share my love of the water with others. I am so blessed to live in my city, Jacksonville, Florida that has such a beautiful river, intracoastal waterway, and easy access to the ocean. I have taught countless people to ski, or get up one ski for the first time. I even taught a one-legged friend to hydroslide. My operating principle became, “If you can go by boat, why would you go by car?” I am proud to say I have been to many Jaguar games, but never by car, only by boat. As a women boater I relish the chance to help women become confident, enthusiastic boaters.

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